Letter to my Future Self

Dear Future Self,

I’m writing this letter for you to read on the one year anniversary of your first blog post.

It’s been about a month now, and things are going fairly well. I have 11 WordPress followers, 15 blog followers through email, and 152 Instagram followers. You have 5 published blog posts so far (6 including this one).

I cannot wait to see what the future brings you. I hope your blog following has grown, and I hope you’ve been learning. I hope the process has become easier for you, and that you’ve been fairly consistent in your blogging. It’s going to take a lot of work, and I really hope you haven’t given up.

I hope you’ve worked to improve your photography and photo editing skills. I know you’re still a beginner right now, but I hope you’ve taken some classes and put in a lot of work to become better. Right now, it’s not your strongest skill, but I’d like things to improve in a year.

I hope you’ve met new bloggers to network with. There was a blogger event in Lexington last week that you attended. Hopefully you have found more, and made some new friends along the way!

Last but not least, I hope you’re loving blogging. This started as something to do for fun, and to be an enjoyable outlet for writing. I hope it’s still enjoyable, and that this can turn into a passion.

27-year-old, September 2016 Courtney

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