Thankful in November Part 1

November is obviously Thanksgiving. I want to keep track of things I’m thankful for this month, as I have plenty to be thankful for. Each day I’m going to write something I’m thankful for, to remind me that even in a stressful season, God has blessed me so much.

Nov. 1 – I’m thankful for my small group girls. We celebrated Halloween together, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so much. I’m thankful I found friends as weird as I am, that I can have both silly nights and serious conversations with, and who are always there when I need them. I love having friends on the same journey of growing in our faith, and who hold me accountable.

Nov. 2 – I took a cooking class tonight, and it was so much fun. I’ve hosted a few Pampered Chef parties over the last couple of years, and I LOVE their products. My usual consultant, Becca, has started hosting classes, teaching us how to use certain products. This was my second class of hers I’ve attended, and it was great. I’m thankful for her taking her time and providing food for us, and for teaching us to use some great products. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

Nov. 3 – I’m making some soup tonight, since the weather is turning colder. I got some of the supplies at Kroger last night, but today I went to Aldi, a little store here that sells produce and such. It was so much cheaper than Kroger, and I was pretty excited. I’m thankful that I was able to make it over there and to be able to save some money on my groceries.

Nov. 4 – The Sephora sale started today. I’m thankful for being able to get some beauty items I’ve been wanting at a discount!

Nov. 5 – We had our third annual Friendsgiving for my small group tonight, and it was so much fun. I know I’ve already said I’m thankful for my small group girls, but I’ll repeat it. I’m thankful for all the good food we had tonight, and for leftovers for the next week. I’m thankful for the girls that make me laugh, and that I’ve made some amazing friends and found some truly wonderful girlfriends to spend time with. I’m also thankful to our Chicks for Christ leader, Tina, for being willing to always host our Friendsgiving and opening her home to us, and for even cooking the turkey! (Click through the slideshow below to see our Friendsgiving fun)

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Nov. 6 – I went to Raven Run Sanctuary today for a hike with my mom. I’m thankful for a good day with my mom. The hike was fun, and the scenery was beautiful. We even saw a deer running through! I’m also thankful to find a new, close place to hike and enjoy nature. I’ll definitely be going back! I’m constantly tired, so I’m thankful for an extra hour of sleep today.

Nov. 7 – I’m thankful for being able to cook with a friend tonight. We had fun making a Mexican beef taco dish. I love friends that enjoy just hanging out and making dinner. It’s always a fun, relaxing evening for me, and I love learning new things about cooking.

Nov. 8 (part 1) – Ah, election day. I am so, so thankful for being able to vote today. I haven’t made it to the polls yet, but I’m heading straight there after work. And I cannot wait. I’m thankful for just the opportunity to vote. Being a female, this is great. In my first two eligible elections, there was an African American candidate, and I saw history as he was elected President of the United States. Today, the first female candidate is nominated, and could become POTUS. Even just being able to be a part of that history makes me so thankful.

(part 2) – One of my former coworkers is coming up for lunch with some of our group today. I’m really thankful for that. He was one of my favorite coworkers before he left, and I’m pretty excited to see him. He’s a lot of fun, and I miss having him around. I’m always very thankful when he comes back up to get lunch with us.

Nov. 9 – My dad texted me today to let me know he’d made chili, and had plenty, so I could stop by if I wanted to eat some. I’m thankful for parents who think of me, and who are willing to share when they have extra food.

Nov. 10 – I have a dinner and shopping date with my friend Heather after work, and I can’t wait! Starbucks has their buy one get one free holiday drinks going on, and it’s Lexington pizza week. I’m going to get the coffee, and she’s going to get the pizza. I can’t wait. I’m thankful for the chance to hang out with her tonight!

Nov. 11 – I’m thankful for all the Veterans who have made everything in my life possible. They do things I would never want to do, and I am so thankful they are willing to risk their lives to defend our country. I’m especially thankful for my Dad and Grandfather, both of whom have served in the military.

Nov. 12 – I’m doing a 5K in Louisville today! I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve only done one other 5K, and it was fun! I’m joining my friend Shelby close to the race. We’re just walking, but I’m excited! I’m also meeting my little sister from my sorority for coffee earlier in the day, since she lives in Louisville. I’m really excited to see her and to walk around for a little while! I’m thankful I get to see her, and that I’m healthy enough to do a 5K with no problems (walking – running a 5K is a different story!).

Nov. 13 – I watched my friend’s parents’ dog last night. I’m thankful that they pay me, even though they don’t have to (I petsit as a side job, but I’ve told them it’s a favor for them, not a job). They’re very sweet, and their pup is so good. I’m thankful for some doggie and Netflix time!

Nov. 14 – I went to dinner with my friend Joel tonight. I’m thankful for a good friend, and for someone I can have fun with. The Supermoon is tonight also, and I’m thankful I live in a place where it’s easy to view. It’s the closest the moon will be to the Earth since I’ve been alive, which I think is pretty cool!

Nov. 15 – Heather and I are getting dinner again tonight. She found a deal where you spend $5 at Logan’s Roadhouse and get a free burger, so we’re going when she gets off work. I’m thankful for free food, and for another fun girl’s night.

The first half of the month is over! I’ve loved keeping up with this list and finding something I’m thankful for in each day. I’ll be continuing my list in a second post. What have you been thankful for this month?

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