5 Cozy Christmas Shirts and Sweaters

It’s day one of my 12 Days of Christmas series, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite Christmas shirts and sweaters with you! Some of these are still available, so snag them if you can!

This one is my personal favorite. I LOVE the Grinch (I invested in a Grinch stocking this year and I’m super excited about it), and this one immediately caught my attention. It was originally $20, but ended up being 40% off, even better! I wore this for our church’s Sweater Sunday, and it was a big hit, especially when paired with a perfect Grinch mug!

I’ve loved reindeer print, and I’ve hunted for the perfect reindeer/snowflake print over the last few years. This year, I stumbled upon this gorgeous black and white sweater from Old Navy. It also comes in red, but I liked the classic black (as per usual).

This next item is a vest. I found it at Walmart with just the Santa and the Chimney on it, but that was a little boring. I added the Grinch coming out of the chimney, and, since it was UK blue, I added some Kentucky flair to it. With puffy paint, I added UK and some pawprints, and Go Cats! to the vest, and it ended up being much cuter than what it started as. I love that this is a vest, so it isn’t as warm as a regular sweater. This isn’t great for outdoors, but it is perfect for indoor parties where it tends to get a little toasty.

I found the next shirt at Belk while Black Friday shopping. It’s a tunic, so it’s long enough to wear with leggings, and it is SO SOFT. It’s super cute, and definitely a little sassy, which I think is perfect!

The last sweater was a present from my friend Rachel last year. Polar bears are my favorite, and this sweater is adorable and super festive! I’m almost positive she found it at Macy’s, but I’ve seen quite a few polar bear shirts this year as well! (Also, special thanks to my friend Sara for the polar bear mug from Christmas this past year!!!)


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