Christmas Playlist

Once Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas music can begin. I have a few favorite Christmas, but I can’t say that they’re all traditional. In fact, most probably aren’t. I’m here to share my Christmas playlist for day two of my 12 Days of Christmas series. You may not find any inspiration, but these are the songs that get me into the Christmas spirit.

Also, I don’t apologize at all for a majority of the songs being for Train or The Grinch soundtrack (all songs below marked * are included in this). Train has a Christmas album that’s available on Amazon music, and they’re my favorite band. And, as in previous posts, I may have mentioned that the Grinch is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

  • “A New York Christmas” – Rob Thomas
  • “This Christmas” – Train
  • “Christmas Island” – Train
  • “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Train
  • “Merry Christmas Everybody” – Train
  • “Wait for Mary, Christmas” – Train
  • “Mary, Did You Know?” – Pentatonix
  • “Grinch 2000” – Busta Rhymes and Jim Carrey*
  • “Green Christmas” – Barenaked Ladies*
  • “Christmas of Love” – Little Isidor And The Inquisitors*
  • “Better Do It Right” – Smash Mouth*
  • “Christmas Is Going To The Dogs” – Eels*
  • “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch” – Jim Carrey*
  • “Where Are You Christmas” – Faith Hill*

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