Easiest Cake Recipe EVER

A while back, I discovered a recipe for the easiest cake ever. It’s especially great if you want to make a cake, and realize you don’t have eggs, as it seems to always happen. It’s definitely an easy recipe when you need something quick to whip up for holiday parties, and the ingredients are easy to find.

What’s the secret? Sprite.


That’s right, Sprite. Just mix a box of cake mix with a can of Sprite (no eggs, no water, just Sprite) and bake it according to the box directions. You can use one of the small Sprite bottles instead of a can, also. Let the cake completely cool, top with some cool whip, and voila! The easiest cake ever. You can top it with sprinkles or those delicious cake topper candies (pure sugar), or whatever you would like.


Now, there is a disclaimer with this recipe. Do not try this with gluten free cake mix. I repeat, DO NOT TRY THIS WITH GLUTEN FREE CAKE MIX. It ends up as a chewy, sticky, gingerbread tasting cake, and it is not good. I made that mistake once, and once was enough. It was awful.

Happy baking! What’s your favorite easy dessert recipe?

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