Meet Remus

I haven’t been posting much lately. No excuse, but it’s been a crazy, busy week.

Because… I got a puppy!
Remus is about two months old (yes he’s named after Remus Lupin from Harry Potter). He’s a Border Collie who was found on the side of the road on New Year’s Eve. How anyone could abandon that little face, I have no idea. People are so cruel. I got him from a friend of a friend, along with a crate and some toys and food.
He’s a sweet little guy, and he LOVES to play. His favorite toy is currently a little purple squeaky skunk I found at TJ Maxx. He also loves little puppy-sized rawhide bones that he can sink his little puppy fangs into.
He’s done pretty well with potty training so far. He stayed in his crate 8 hours Saturday night with no accidents. He’s such a smart little pup! He knows the “Sit” command, and we’re working on “quiet” (he’s being crate trained, which he’s not a fan of, and that little puppy bark can only be tolerated so long… sorry neighbors).

Any puppy training tips? I’d love to hear some advice from fellow dog owners, especially when it comes to potty training, chewing on objects he’s not supposed to chew on, and barking! Check out my Instagram for plenty of puppy posts. We plan on having lots of puppy/mommy adventures and photo sessions!



Special thanks to Remus’ Aunt Tina for the Naughty shirt! I know it’s technically a Christmas outfit, but I want him to get some use out of it while it still fits. And he’s definitely a naughty puppy (but aren’t those the cutest?), so it’s appropriate!

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