Valentine’s Day from the Pup

I’m single as a pringle, again, for Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m choosing to not let it bother me. I’m making it all about my main man: my new puppy, Remus. We’re heading to my friend Hannah’s house to hang out with her and her pup, Meeka, while her husband works. Our own little Galentine’s Day, and I can’t wait.

This weekend, I was sick. But that meant lots of play time for me and Remus, including a mini photo shoot. We also went to Petsmart for their Puppy Love event, and had his pawprint stamped on a cute little keepsake card. He got lots of treats at the photo shoot, and got to meet lots of furry friends at Petsmart!

He wanted me to share some Valentine’s Day cheer with you! He even wrote my hooman readers a poem!

These lips from BarkShop are great! So cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day! They have a little squeaker inside, which he loves! (Plus, BarkShop always has great deals; this toy also came with a little champagne flute treat dispenser!)

Dollar Tree is such a fun place to find props for photo shoots. He loves that rose!



Here’s his poem. He’s obviously proud of himself! Such a clever little pup!


petsmartHe loves trips to Petsmart! And his little pawprint turned out so well!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Anyone else spending some time with their pet as their Valentine today? Or am I just the only crazy dog mom?

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