Bridal Brunch and Dress Shopping

Last weekend was so much fun. My friend Liz got engaged a few months ago, and we finally scheduled a bridal brunch for Saturday.

I wanted to get the bridesmaids together for a meet and greet, to get to know each other. We decided to go to brunch at Wild Eggs in Hamburg (in Lexington), and it was so much fun!

She officially asked us to be in the wedding with a cute box. I get the honor of being maid of honor, and I’m pretty excited. Inside the box was a jewelry dish, a candle (watermelon, one of my favorites!) and a wine glass with our name and title. Super cute, and I loved it (thanks Liz)!

After we ate, we decided to try out Chocolate Holler, a new little place downtown that has coffee and chocolate. I just got a latte, but it was good! I can’t wait to go back and try this place out again! I really loved that they had a “pay it forward” board. Rachel got a free cup of coffee for having braces over the age of 21, which is pretty cool. I love that idea – paying for a second cup of coffee and leaving one for someone else. Definitely something I can get behind.

We finished up our coffee and headed over to Twirl for Liz’s first dress shopping adventure. We stopped by a couple of shops by the dress shop and looked around. There are some pretty cute shops over there. She didn’t end up finding a dress, but we had fun looking! I guess that just means more girl time and shopping in the future!


How did you spend your weekend? Leave me some good brunch places in Lexington – I’m always on the lookout for new local spots!

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