Friday Favorites 

It’s Friday! It’s felt like a long week, but it’s almost over! I’m pretty excited about this weekend, so maybe having something to really look forward to has made it drag by. I wanted to share some products that I’ve been loving lately. It’s mostly beauty, because I’ve found some really nice products, but some are “other” favorites.

One of my best friends, Rachel, just started selling LipSense. She had a Facebook party before she became a distributer, and I ordered a couple of colors. I exchanged one color (First Love – it just didn’t go well with my skin), but I fell in LOVE with the color Cranberry. It’s gorgeous and I cannot stop wearing it. I’ll post a review of LipSense soon – I know it’s a very talked about topic right now and I’ll discuss my full opinion in an upcoming post. My favorite shades so far are Cranberry and Caramel Apple. Cranberry is a beautiful red. Caramel Apple is a deep mauve-pink with a bit of a sheen.


Left – Cranberry, Right – Mauve Ice

I found this Hashtag Mug from Target, and I think it’s so cute! It’s a dry erase mug, so you can hashtag whatever you want. Check out my Instagram to see what I’ve hashtagged and my future hashtags!

I found this super cute candle holder at Dollar General, and it was only $5! It’s a super cute addition to my kitchen/living room, and I love it! So simple and pretty, and you could definitely change out the holders in the middle if you wanted different colors.
candle holder

lush maskI’ve been trying out the Lush Cup O’ Coffee mask, and I’ve been enjoying it. I love how gritty it is. It really helps exfoliate my skin. Disclaimer: this DOES have a strong coffee smell. I love it, and if you are a coffee lover, you will love it too. If you do not like the smell of coffee, however, you will probably not like this mask.

PF highlighter

So, I love highlighters. I love them if they give you a healthy glow or if they make you shine like the sun. I have so many that I’ve been loving, and I can’t wait to share them all with you. I have a post coming soon of all of my favorites, but I’ll go ahead and share one with you as a sneak peek. It’s the Physician’s Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in the shade Translucent. This highlighter is stunning. It gives off such a pretty glow, but be warned: it is INTENSE.
tarte foundation
Oh. My. Gosh. I have found foundations that I can accept and tolerate, but I don’t think I’ve ever found one I truly LOVE. Until now. I have very dry skin, and I’ve been working on that. But I have to really be careful with foundations. The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation, though, is amazing. I use it with a beauty blender, and it makes my skin look healthy and glowy. The wand is a dropper, which I like. It’s more sanitary than a doe foot applicator. You can drop it right onto your hand or beauty blender for minimal mess. I recommended it to a friend, and she thought it was broken because there was no applicator. It is a dropper, so be aware of that when purchasing it.

nars bound I can’t say that I have a favorite lip color range at the moment. I like red lips, pink lips, nude lips… All the colors. It’s spring, so I’ve been experimenting with new colors. One that I have been coming back to over and over is the Nars Velvet Lip Glide in the shade Bound. It isn’t an all day lip color, but it’s beautiful. It’s very full coverage even with just one swipe, the applicator is easy to use, and it is so comfortable on the lips. It’s a pretty, almost mauve shade. It’s a great neutral pink shade that would look good on anybody. It feels so nice on the lips. It doesn’t last all day (it’s definitely not a liquid lipstick), but it does last through a couple of cups of coffee. Since it’s so hydrating, it’s not one I mind reapplying either.

I have cystic acne, so I have a hard time finding a concealer that I really love. This one by Catrice is amazing. It’s full coverage, it’s lightweight, it doesn’t crease under my eyes… and it’s drugstore! I got it at Ulta here, and I love it. It’s been a daily concealer for my acne and undereye coverage.
catrice concealer

Physician’s Formula is known for its butter bronzer. Recently, they launched a line of butter blushes. I love the color Plum rose, and have been using it pretty much daily. It’s a pretty, subtle color, and it carries the same scent as the butter bronzer. I know some people don’t like the smell, but it is tropical heaven for me.butter blush

I received the Beauty For Real Lip Revival Sugar Scrub in a subscription box, and it’s so good. It works really well for exfoliation, and it smells amazing. The taste… YUM. It’s made with all natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry if you happen to accidentally lick your lips while using it (it happens).BFR scrub


That’s it for my faves! Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss my upcoming posts! I can’t wait to share my LipSense opinion and my favorite highlighters with you!

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