Louisville Trip

Yesterday was so pretty. It was a little chilly, but not cold. It was sunny and not very windy. So… it was the perfect day for the zoo. I hate hot weather (seriously, I don’t do heat), so days on the colder side are my favorites. My friend Joel and I decided to take advantage of the weather, so we headed to Louisville.

We arrived with just a couple of hours left before the zoo closed, but made the best of it.

We saw two of the bears fighting. Bears are my favorite (bottle feeding a cub at Yellowstone Bear World is in the top 5 on my bucket list), and I’ve never seen two actually go at it. It was pretty interesting.

We saw the seal demonstration. They’re pretty smart animals. It’s really neat watching them do tricks (they’re trained better than my pup – sorry Remus).

Wallaroo Walkabout is pretty neat. You are allowed into a fenced in, gated area. Wallabys and Wallaroos are out in the open, and can wander around wherever they want, and you get to walk around with them! It was definitely one of my favorite parts. We got pretty close to a couple of them!

When I say bears are my favorite, polar bears are at the absolute top of the list. They weren’t out when we were there, which made me a bit disappointed, but that’s ok.
zoo polar bear.jpg

Joel was a fan of the big cats. He’s a cat person (weirdo – sorry all my cat person friends), and he loves seeing how similar they are to house cats. We got to hear the lion and jaguar rawr, so that was pretty neat! I’ve heard a tiger roar but not a lion.

When the zoo closed, we decided to grab some dinner. I wanted to try something we don’t have in the Lexington area, so he did some research. He’d heard Hammerheads was really good, so we decided to try it.
Hammerheads outside

Oh. My. Gosh. This was no disappointment.

We started with the Crispy Mac & Cheese Balls. They were recommended, but I thought they were just okay. Joel liked them, because they had a bit of a kick to them (we think they’re made with Pepperjack Cheese, but aren’t 100% sure).
hammerheads mac and cheese

Then we tried the Crispy Mushroom Medley – an appetizer of shitake and portabella mushrooms, fried, with a side of sun-dried tomato aioli. These were really yummy. The sauce was really good – I dipped my fries in it too.
hammerheads mushrooms

Next came the fries. Oh man. If you’ve never tasted Heaven, try these. I got the Garlic Herb Fries… fried in duck fat. Oh man, they are GOOD. I love duck anyway, but these were the best fries I’ve ever eaten in my life. I’m not exaggerating, they are amazing.
hammerheads tacos and fries

And then… the meal. Duck. Tacos. I’m drooling now just thinking about how good my duck taco was. It comes with a jalapeno-lime aioli, and it is incredible. I tried duck in Hong Kong, but I rarely find it here in Kentucky. It is seriously one of my favorites. I also tried the crispy soft shell crab taco, but I was severely disappointed. I love crab, but soft shell crab is very different, which I didn’t realize until I bit into the taco. But everything else made up for that one small disappointment.
hammerheads tacos

Joel tried the Prime Brisket and Pork Belly tacos, and he liked them. I think next time he’d get just the brisket tacos, though.
hammerheads joels tacos

Seriously, y’all, the duck was so good that I got a duck sandwich to go. Lunch cannot come quickly enough today. It is incredible. I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re in the Louisville area.

After that amazing meal, we stopped by Sunergos Coffee to grab a little fuel for the ride home. We were both stuffed and pretty sleepy, so I needed a little pick-me-up (especially since I was driving and my eyelids were barely staying open). I tried a White Mocha, which is my typical non-seasonal Starbucks drink. It was pretty good! Not as sweet as Starbucks, and definitely more espresso. Try it if you’re in the area. I’d love to go back soon. I do like Starbucks, but I like trying local places too, especially if I’m in an area other than home. I like seeing what other cities have to offer. It really makes the travel experience so much better.

We headed home once we had our drinks. It was a pretty good day! Check out more of our zoo pics here:


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