25 Facts About Me

Hey y’all! As an introduction to my blog, I thought I’d share some facts about myself.

  1. slytherinI broke my arm in 7th grade during volleyball practice. It is the only bone I’ve ever broken.
  2. I went to Hong Kong for two weeks when I was a sophomore in high school for an exchange program.
  3. I was supposed to go to Hong Kong my freshman year, but my grandfather passed away and I wanted to attend his funeral.
  4. There are the same amount of years between my oldest brother and me, and my oldest niece and me (14 years).
  5. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism from Morehead State University.
  6. I have a minor in Horsemanship.
  7. I have seen at least 5 artists/bands three separate times in concert. This includes Train, Jana Kramer, Sundy Best Garth Brooks and the Plain White T’s.
  8. I met all of the Plain White T’s after a concert (which I spent front row) in 2014.
  9. I attended the last Opening Day in the old Yankee Stadium… with a Red Sox fan.
  10. My best friend bought me Yankees tickets to see Derek Jeter play in his final weekend game and attended the game with me.
  11. The Yankees tickets were one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received. I think it’s second to my 13th birthday present… I was that girl that begged for a horse for every birthday and Christmas until my parents gave in.
  12. I don’t want children of my own. Ever. I am, however, and aunt to four little monkeys. “Aunt Courtney” are my two favorite words strung together, and they can always melt my heart and make me beam with pride.
  13. The prettiest, most serene place I’ve ever been is Green Lake, Wisconsin. I went to church camp the summers after my junior and senior years of high school, and fell in love with the city.
  14. My number one thing on my bucket list is to spend Halloween week in Sleepy Hollow, NY (2020 here I come!).headless-horseman
  15. I plan to cross Harry Potter World and Yellowstone Bear World off my bucket list within the next three years.
  16. I was the Life & Arts editor for The Trail Blazer, the MSU newspaper, my junior year. I was a reporter my freshman and sophomore years.
  17. I was a member of the Delta Zeta sorority. I played volleyball with my sorority little sis in high school.
  18. Halloween is my favorite day of the year.
  19. I’ve ridden horses since I was 8, and it is one of my true passions in life. The barn is my favorite place to relax and de-stress. It seems as though all my troubles and concerns melt away on the back of a horse. I was on the Equestrian Team at MSU, showing Saddleseat. Now I mostly ride for fun, with a show or two scattered in.
  20. I grew up watching and playing sports. I have two older brothers that I adore, and they both played multiple sports. When I was little, I would attend their games (mostly because I didn’t have a choice). Summers were spent at baseball fields, and I spent those games playing in the dirt and under the bleachers and in parks. As I grew older, I grew to love watching sports. Now, as an adult, sports are one of my favorite parts of life. March Madness is my favorite season after Fall, and the only reason I’m happy when basketball season is ending is because baseball season is beginning.
  21. I cut a date at the fair short to get the last Harry Potter book at midnight.
  22. I’m part of a small group at Grace Christian Church called Chicks For Christ. We’re a group of women who study the Bible and are trying to grow in our faith. I love hanging out with those girls and volunteering and serving our God. Being in this group has given me so many amazing friends, and I am always grateful that I joined.
  23. My car’s name is Katarina, because I am a UK fan and she is blue (Katarina = Cat Arena).chicago
  24. I absolutely love to travel. I’ve been to Washington, D.C. annually for the past three years to visit one of my best friends who now lives there. In the last four years, I’ve been to Atlanta, Chicago, Ohio, Washington, D.C., New York, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Houston, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Delaware.
  25. My favorite thing to shop for is office supplies. Yes, I am a nerd.


I hope this has helped you discover some new facts about me! Let me know if you have any questions for me in the comments!