5 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for When You’re Running Late

I like sleep. I like a lot of sleep. I’m that person everybody hates at sleepovers because I set 500 alarms in the morning (only kidding, it’s usually around 10). I am absolutely, 100% not a morning person.

Sometimes I get up early enough to actually straighten or curl my hair, but most mornings I sleep just a little too late and don’t have enough time. I’m usually running a little behind (running late is definitely my cardio), so I just throw my hair up.

Here are 5 hairstyles for times when you sleep a little too late and need a quick hairstyle to get you out the door.

  1. A braid. I usually incorporate some kind of braid into my hair. A side braid is great, and is an easy way to look polished. It’s also easy to variate. You can do a dutch braid, a side braid, a French braid, or even just braid your bangs, and it looks cute (even if it’s messy).side-braid
  2. A simple ponytail. This can be very quick (just toss your hair into a ponytail, bobby pin any loose ends, and go), or you can add a touch of flair to it, which may take a little longer. You can wrap a small strand around the ponytail holder, add a headband, braid your bangs into the ponytail, or braid your bangs into a headband before slicking the rest of it back. There are many ways to add variations to a ponytail if you have a few extra seconds or minutes to spare.
  3. A top knot. Put your hair into a ponytail, twist the rest down to the end, twist it into a bun, secure it with a second ponytail holder, then secure the loose ends. I like mine high on the back of my head so it is visible from the front. This can be a little messy, but I like the ends tucked in so it looks polished. top-knot
  4. A bun. I love bun makers found at drugstores. They’re so easy to use, and a bun is a classic look that takes little effort. Put your hair in a ponytail, pull your ponytail through the bun maker, lay the pieces down over the bun maker, secure with a second ponytail holder. Wrap the loose ends around the bun until all ends are tucked.bun
  5. Tucking your bangs back. They can just be pinned back (see the left two pictures below), but I like to braid mine (see below, second picture from the right) or twist them back (see below, far right photo).


What’s your favorite running late hairstyle? Let me know in the comments if you want a tutorial on any of the variations I mentioned!


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