Black and Gray Striped Dress

Dresses are one of my staple pieces no matter the season. I love casual dresses that can be worn very casually on their own, or dressed up with a pretty belt, some tights, and booties. Old Navy dresses are some of my favorites, and I’ve gone back and picked up more of the same dress in different patterns (I have this one in green and black, as well as the grey and black one shown below). They fit so well, they’re very comfortable, and they’re affordable, especially if you can get them on sale (I snagged this one for $15).

This gorgeous grey and black striped dress is so comfortable. I love how flowy it is. I’m the kind of girl who goes home and changes immediately after work, but when I wear this one I usually end up just lounging around in it, because it’s that comfortable. It’s perfect for work or for hanging out with the girls. It would be a great date night dress.

I love pairing it with leggings. It’s long sleeved, so it’s perfect for the Fall. When it’s a little chillier, I love throwing a vest over it like this one (it would also be really cute with a blanket scarf).

With a vest added, I rarely even need a jacket. This vest is fleece, so it’s nice and warm, and very cozy. It’s also affordable, which is great. I picked it up when I realized I didn’t have a black vest that fit. It’s very comfortable. Like the dress, it can be dressed up or down, which is great. I love layering items in the Fall, and this vest is perfect for that.

What’s your favorite way to wear dresses in the Fall? Do you like layering them or just wearing them on their own? What’s your favorite layering piece (I can’t decide whether mine is vests, scarves, boots, or leggings)?