Fox Makeup Tutorial
*Some of these links may be affiliate links. I do make money off affiliate links. You are not required to use these links when purchasing items. This look was inspired by Wonder Forest.

Two years ago, I was a fox for Halloween. I found some fox ears and a tail at Target, and I was really excited. The costume ended up being one of my favorites (I LOVE foxes), and I won best costume at the party I attended. I’ll talk details at the end of this post about the actual costume itself, but today I wanted to share a fox makeup tutorial. You can find some easy costume supplies, but the makeup was my favorite part of the entire costume.

First, you’ll need:
White face cream makeup
Black face cream makeup
A neutral eyeshadow palette (or individual orange and brown shadows – the Nyx Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow palette and the Morphe 35O paletteare both available at Ulta and are great options)
Eye makeup brushes
Two Foundation brushes or sponges
A foundation darker than your skin tone, or one with an orange-ish tint to it
Black and white lipstick
I did the face makeup first. I think that makes it a little easier because the face makeup needs to dry, and this can take a little while if you’re using Halloween cream makeup. Start by putting the white cream on the bottom of your face with a foundation brush or sponge, from the bottom of the nose down. I made a smooth line, but you can also make the line a little jagged to create a “fur” look.
Next, put the darker foundation all over the rest of your face. I used the e.l.f. flawless finish foundation. I’m very fair, so most foundations are dark on me. I wanted to use this one because it was a cheap foundation that I could use once then donate to a women’s shelter. If you don’t want to buy a new foundation for this, Nyx also makes a foundation mixerthat you can use in your regular foundations to make them darker. Just mix them together on your hand or on something else (paint palettes or candle lids work well for this – just make sure they’re clean!).
Next apply a medium brown shadow from the inside edge of your brows down the sides of your nose. This will define your nose a little. Then use the same shadow on your eye lids and on the bottom lash line. This can be a little thick under the lower lash line – you want your eyes to be very defined. Don’t worry about being very precise with the shadows.
Next, go in with an orange shade in the crease. Make sure to blend this shade out.
Apply a black shadow to the entire lid over the lighter brown shade. A very dark brown shade can be used for this as well. Blend the lid shade and the crease until the shades blend together so there is no harsh black line.
Apply a thin black line to the lower lashes with eyeliner or a black eyeshadow (a liner pencil works best for this). Blend this out along with that medium brown shade until there is no longer a harsh black line.
Define your brows. This can be a little messy, but you want it to look like fur. You can use a brown eyebrow pencil or a chocolate brown shadow for this. Brow mascara also works very well.
I applied mascara, then false lashes for my look. Both of these steps are optional, but I really wanted my eyes to stand out.
Next, apply black cream (you can also use eyeliner) to the tip of your nose. Use the same thing to draw a line from the bottom of your nose to the top of the lips. Outline the top of the lips with the same black shade. If desired, you can also add some black dots or small whiskers around the top of the mouth.
To finish up the look, apply black lipstick (like this one from Nyx) on the top lip and white lipstick (like this one) on the bottom lip.
Ta da! You have a super cute fox makeup look!
For the costume – I bought a solid orange shirt at Old Navy (similar to this one). My roommate at the time could sew. I found some white fuzzy fabric, and she sewed a little white patch for fur onto the shirt.
I made an orange tulle skirt (this took forever), which I clipped the tail to. I threw on a black long sleeved shirt under the orange tee and a black pair of leggings and boots to match a fox’s legs. I think I also found the fox paws at Target.
(I apologize for the quality of these costume photos. I had to go back and find them on Facebook and I’m pretty sure they were taken on in Iphone 4S haha)
Be sure to let me know if you recreate this look! What’s your costume this year?