Halloween 2016

I’ve had some pretty good Halloweens in the past, and this year was no exception. This may go down in history as my favorite so far. I celebrated Friday through Monday, and Halloween did not disappoint.

My best friend since second grade got engaged a few months ago, and wanted to host a Halloween engagement party. The theme was Heroes & Villains. I already had a costume, but I had another party Saturday night, so I wanted to do something different Friday night. I already had a cat mask, so I decided to be Catwoman (seiously, such an easy costume).

It was so much fun. We played the “Nearly Newlywed” game (like the Newlywed game but for the couple not yet married), and laughed pretty hard at the couples’ answers. The food was GREAT, and we found the perfect photobooth background before the party. Thanks for letting me celebrate with you Jess!

Saturday night I had another party at a friend’s house. And THIS was the costume I’ve been waiting my whole life for. I’ve wanted to be Winifred Sanderson for many many years, and this year I decided to execute a plan. The theme Saturday was Disney, so it was perfect. Hocus Pocus has always been one of my favorite movies, and let’s be serious, Winifred is amazing (plus, I already have red hair).

I had this costume completely planned and had the supplies in my Amazon cart in July (yes, I’m one of those). I usually do a trial run of my costume, including hair and makeup, but this year I decided to wing it… which ended up being more than okay. I LOVED this costume and the way it turned out. And it was made even better by the fact that Bette Midler also recreated her Winifred look this year. Think there’s any competition?

Sunday the festivities continued. I’m an aunt to four adorable kiddos, and I love being the fun, cool aunt. This is my first year living completely alone, and I wanted to throw them a fun Halloween party. I set up a backdrop for photos, and set out a basket of props. I made a simple, easy frame from posterboard that just says “Happy Halloween”. They had so much fun trying on masks and capes and headbands for the photobooth.

We also played some games, like a witch hat toss and a scavenger hunt. Both ended up being a fun challenge for them.

And then Monday… Halloween, FINALLY. This year, I went to see the kiddos in their costumes, and decided to just stay in and have a “quiet” night. I visited my parents, and forced my cat to take some pictures with me in costume (he wasn’t very happy about it… But, his name is Binx, after the Hocus Pocus Thackery Binx, so I couldn’t resist). Some girls from my small group came to my place to take some silly photos and watch Hocus Pocus. Sonic always has .50 cent corndogs on Halloween, and that’s a tradition for me, so my friend Sara and I went while Tina was at work and Taylor had dinner with her mom. We arrived back at my place, and the fun began.

Y’all, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. My small group girls are so much fun, and are some of my best friends. Throwing a photobooth in the friendship, adds to a plethora of giggles and BEAUTIFUL photos (I use beautiful very sarcastically; we all enjoy making the weirdest faces we can, and we end up with some hilarious pictures). If you’re throwing any kind of party, I really recommend setting up a photo backdrop with some props and letting people go wild. It’s a blast.

Did you dress up this year? If so, what was your costume?