My First Fragrant Jewels Experience

the-setFragrant Jewels recently released Wicked Gift Set, a limited edition bath bomb and candle set for Halloween. Oh. My. Gosh. It definitely went on my wish list. I ended up getting the set as a late birthday present, and I was so excited.

The way Fragrant Jewels works: you burn the candle, or take a bath using the bath bomb, and a little plastic container will appear as the substances dissolve or melt, containing a ring. You can order the size you need, or say surprise me and get a random size. There are a variety of 10 rings, which you can’t custom-order, but it’s exciting to see what comes out.

I tried the bath bomb first. I love bath bombs anyway, but this one added an even more fun twist, and I couldn’t wait. The bath bomb in this set is black. When you put it into the water, it fizzes and turns the bath water black. They say it doesn’t leave a residue in your tub, but it definitely does. Be ready to clean it later, although just a normal cleaning will be effective. I definitely liked the bath bomb.

Next I tried the candle. It smells so good. It’s definitely a good Halloween candle. It took a while to burn, which is good, but it also means you have to wait a little while to get your ring. I do like that the candle lasts a while (I burned mine for a couple of hours a day for over a week), and I really like the fragrance.



Order the set here and try it for yourself! They also have other options. This is limited edition, so it may not be available long! Just make sure to order the correct size, because their customer service is a little hard to get ahold of.

*This is not a sponsored post. The items were purchased with no compensation, and I received nothing for the publishing of this review.