Target Fall Dollar Spot Haul

Target always gets me into trouble, especially the Dollar Spot. I recently went in before a Lexington blogger meetup. I wanted to grab a notepad for the meetup, so I could give out my blog information and get others’ information. Of course I found a cute notepad… along with a few other things.

In case y’all haven’t seen any other posts from me, Halloween is my favorite day of the year. So… Target Dollar Spot AND Halloween? Trouble. My wallet was screaming for help. I didn’t purchase everything I found, because I think I can DIY some of the things I wanted (subscribe to my blog to be notified when I post, because I’m going to be posting some DIY Target dupes!). I did get some items, and I thought I’d share them with you!

First, I got these super cute pumpkins. They’re so cute for decorating!

I also got these ADORABLE pillows! Hocus Pocus is definitely a classic Halloween movie, and these pillows bring me some major childhood nostalgia. I can’t wait to have them out on my couch all month.

I did find some super cute notepads. I got a couple for the meetup… and then a couple more. I have been using them for blogging purposes, so it wasn’t a total impulse buy. I also love to keep cute notepads at my work desk. I’m the only girl in my department, so I like to keep some girly things around to liven up the area. I put a couple on my fridge, too. To-do lists are one of my loves, and I like having plenty of notepads handy.

I found some super cute black and orange ribbon and string. I like to keep things like this around for crafting purposes (you never know what kind of DIY crafts you’re going to find during the Halloween season!), and Dollar Spot items means they’re super cheap.

Some cat ears and a bat headband made it into my basket… I don’t really need these. But, I love using these for getting ready. Headbands are great for keeping my hair out of my face while I do my makeup, and these are just a cute little touch of flair. The ears are also nice to have handy if you need a quick and easy Halloween costume.

This one isn’t Halloween related, but my Wet N Wild setting spray lid cracked (and I was running low), so I snagged another bottle. I like to travel with this, and having a lid that won’t stay on isn’t very practical. I also keep a contact case with me when I travel, and I was out, so I grabbed a pack to keep handy.

I sadly haven’t decorated for Fall and Halloween yet (it always sneaks up on me, especially right after moving. I found these super cute wall art stickies to decorate with, and they’re super cute! More of the Hocus Pocus theme to match my pillows!

I’m a sucker for candles, but especially Fall candles. This little guy was only $3, and it smells great! Vanilla Pumpkin scented? Yum!

Have you found anything super cute for Halloween at Target lately? Be sure to share, I can’t wait to see!