3 Easy Halloween Pet Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is quickly approaching (seriously, where did September and the first half of October go?!?), and it’s time to start panicking about last-minute costumes. Do you have a pooch you forgot you wanted to dress?

I won’t share what Remus is officially going to be yet, but I coerced him with lots of treats and toys to help me show you 3 easy costumes for pups this year.
The first is a pumpkin. I found this costume at Target (https://www.target.com/) at the Dollar Spot. I was there last week and this was still available, so check there if you need a quick and easy costume! This one was only $3!
The next idea is also from the Target Dollar Spot. I love dinosaurs, and this little costume is so cute. It even has a little dino tail! This one was also only $3. Remus thought this costume was a dino-snore. He definitely took a nice little nap in it.
The last costume idea, and my favorite, is Count Wagula. I found a cheap cape at Dollar General and tied it around Remus’s neck. He really didn’t seem to mind this one, and he makes such a cute little vampire! This one is probably the easiest and the easiest to find. You can probably find a cape anywhere that sells costumes, including the dollar stores, Walmart, and Target, and it’s inexpensive.
If you plan on using one of these ideas, be sure to let me know! Tag me on Instagram  so I can see your cute pooch! Make sure to subscribe to my blog for more posts featuring Remus (I’ll let you in on a little sneak preview – we have something special coming up for you for Halloween) and more Halloween ideas!
If you already have a costume for your pup, be sure to let me know in the comments below!