Life update and new blog look!

Hey y’all. I’ve been taking a little bit of a blogging break… yes, again. I wanted to do a quick little update for a little bit of an explanation.

July held my one year blogaversary! Now, I haven’t posted anything on it yet. Because, I only purchased my domain in July. It took me until September to actually post. So I will be officially celebrating in September, because that’s when I feel things really started.

This year… I redid my blog! In case you haven’t noticed, my blog has a new look! Along with that… I switched hosting sites. I wanted to make the move from to, so I switched over to Bluehost. It took me a while, so I haven’t been posting lately. It is officially up and running, so expect more posts soon. Also, when I switched, I lost everything after October. EVERYTHING. All my posts, all my photos, everything. So I am moving on and pretending those posts never existed.

In case you missed it on Instagram, I attended a blogger brunch last week at The Barn at Springhouse. It was gorgeous and so much fun. If you want to check out some of the pictures, check out my Instagram pictures here and here. There will be a couple of future posts on this event soon, so stay tuned!

In case you don’t know, I have a Border Collie pup named Remus. I brought him home in January, and he’s now 7 months. He’s gotten so big! Here are a couple of updated photos of him now that he’s a little older:

 Lexington Burger week was amazing. I tried some really good burgers. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try as many as I wanted, but I did try these 4:
Burger Fi

Athenian Grill

Cocktails Bar & Grill


They were all pretty good! I was very impressed with the Alfalfa burger. I tried the vegan option, and it was REALLY GOOD.

Speaking of Alfalfa, I love that they have healthy options. I’ll definitely be back. I’ve been having some stomach troubles for a while, and my doctor recommended I cut out dairy for two weeks and then gluten the next two weeks. We’re going to see if cutting out either makes me feel better. I definitely want to go to more places like Alfalfa for some healthy eating ideas. If you have any recipes without dairy or gluten (or both!) please send them my way!

I also attended a class at Cycle Bar, thanks to my friend Ella at Girl Meets Lex. It was fun! If you’re looking for a seriously butt kicking workout, check them out! I was recently banned from cycling by my doctor, which makes me pretty sad, but I definitely recommend it if you want something really intense.

Lots of fun posts coming soon! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!