LLR Headless Horseman Leggings

I’ve loved the headless horseman as long as I could remember. “Sleepy Hollow” was the first “scary” movie I could watch without being terrified. When I went to New York with my parents in 2012, I begged them to drive through Sleepy Hollow, and it was amazing. The #1 item on my bucket list is to spend Halloween in Sleepy Hollow (I’m looking at you 2020).

The point is, I love Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman. So, when I found out LuLaRoe had Headless Horseman leggings, I knew I had to have them. These leggings are so soft and comfortable, and the pattern is just perfect.

I snagged these perfect leggings from LuLaRoe consultant Kate Derrenbacher.  If you’re looking for some amazing leggings, check her out. She’s been very helpful in finding me my perfect two pair of leggings. She’s having a live sale tonight with Nightmare Before Christmas leggings and Disney villain leggings. These are super cute (I’m so excited for my Jack and Sally leggings to arrive!), and if you love either of those things, you NEED them. Her sale starts at 9 pm EST, so check out her site so you don’t miss it!

I bought this super cute shirt at Walmart. It’s comfy, and the back details make a basic tee a little fancier. My friend printed the headless horseman on it for me, and I’m so excited about it.

I talked about these earrings in my last post with my resting witch face shirt. I love them with this outfit too (hello, a pumpkin? What does the headless horseman have for a head?).

Even Remus has a headless horseman costume, and it goes with my outfit perfectly.

Let me know if you score a fun pair of leggings. I’ll be sure to post my Jack and Sallys when they come in! I’m definitely excited about that!