My Current Wishlist

With my birthday coming up in a little over a week and a recent move, there are a few things I’ve had my eye on. Here are some insights on items I’m currently interested in! Quite a few of the items are from Amazon or Etsy.


  • I LOVE to cook. And with that, I have several utensils and need a place to put them! I don’t have a lot of drawer space, so cute little containers like this one from Amazon are perfect! And I love this color!


Utensil Container


  • I’ve been wanting to decorate some new mugs lately. Yes, I know, I have a thousand mugs already. But I’ve seen some super cute mugs on Pinterest that look really cute and easy! These are the recommended paint sharpies for mug decorating.


Mug Decorating Sharpies


  • I am a horse lover, and this is so cute! Such a precious little decoration for my new apartment!


Horse Decoration


  • Getting ready in the mornings is great with a good mirror. I’ve been looking for an easel mirror that I like, and this one caught my eye. It is definitely not on the cheap side of things though ($189!), so I’m definitely not expecting it any time soon.


Easel Mirror


  • I actually do not have an oven mitt that fits my left hand. This is such an adorable set of oven mitts! Okay, okay, I MIGHT like bears a little bit. But look how cute these are!


Bear Mitts


  • I collect Halloween bears. This little bear is perfect for that, and it’s Cherished Teddies, which I used to collect as a child!


Halloween Bear


  • As I’m getting more into the blogging world, I’m excited about trying to be more fashion-minded. These pumps are super cute and stylish, and I could easily pair them with many items I already own. They don’t look like they’d be extremely uncomfortable, either, especially since they aren’t a fully backed heel.


Mint pumps


  • I think these earrings are so cute, and they would match so many different outfits. Such a great way to jazz up some solid pieces too, and add a touch of color!


Kate Spade studs


  • This one is a little on the pricey side. I love Betsey Johnson handbags. They’re so cute and stylish, and VERY girly. This would definitely add a girly touch!


Betsey Johnson Crossbody


  • I love foxes. They’re cute, sly little critters, and they have the cutest little faces and bushy tails. This scarf is super cute, and looks very lightweight, which is great for those fall days that are soon coming (thank goodness!). I love the gray colored scarf!


Fox Scarf


  • I’ve had my eye on this handbag in silver for a while now. It is absolutely gorgeous, and would coordinate so easily with items I already own. It looks like a great size, and would be easy to carry.


Silver Bow Purse


  • I definitely love to accessorize, and I love girly patterns. This Kate Spade phone cover with a pink and leopard pattern is super cute!


Kate Spade IPhone 5s cover


  • I enjoy playing chess, and this set is amazing! A HARRY POTTER WIZARD CHESS SET!!! My childhood is calling my name with this one.


HP Chess Set


  • I’ve been looking for a nice watch, and this one is GORGEOUS (although very pricey).


Kate Spade watch


  • This little guy is so clever. A Tea Rex Infuser…


Tea Rex


  • This letter H is perfect. H is for Headless Horseman? So cute!


Headless Horseman


  • The Dark Mark stamp is great for Harry Potter releases and parties and just any time a Dark Mark is appropriate. This is great!


Dark Mark stamp


  • This is so cute. Harry Potter anything is great, especially when it comes in Slytherin!


Harry Potter cup


  • I could definitely spruce up my desk at work a little. This raptor is so cute and would look great! Such a fun and quirky little item!





  • One thing I do not have for my apartment yet is a vacuum, and that’s definitely a necessary item. This one is small and simple, which is fine with me for now!




  • I know I have plenty of pumpkin coffee to last me a while. Sometimes, however, I want something a little different to switch it up. I LOVE Creme Brulee, and this coffee is delicious. These K Cups would be perfect when I want a little change in my morning routine.




  • I’ve been on the lookout for good highlighters for pale skin. This one looks like it has a pink-ish tint, which is exactly what I love. The color is gorgeous, and Tarte is one of my favorite makeup brands.


Tarte highlighter


  • Eyeshadow primers are great for making your shadow last all day. This primer potion is a nice neutral shade, making it easy to wear under shadows or on its own.


Urban Decay Primer Potion


  • My skin has been incredibly dry lately, and I’ve been on the hunt for easy ways to hydrate it. First Aid Beauty is designed to help repair damaged skin. I love the Intense Hydration Cream.


FAB Ultra Repair Cream


  • With my dry skin, I’ve been looking for a good hydrating primer. I’ve been wanting to try the Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer Primer in the Nourishing formula. It’s supposed to be for skin with constant dryness, which definitely applies to my skin.


MUFE Primer


  • When I get breakouts, I need something to clear up my skin. Mario Badescu is a highly suggested product to help treat acne, and this kit is great.


Mario Badescu


  • This lip liner in Dark Soul is a stunning shade! The sugar glass shade is also a gorgeous nude shade.

sugar-glass-nyx-liner liner-dark-soul

Nyx Lip Liner


  • This blush palette in the shade Blush Goddess has some beautiful shades! And it’s extremely cheap!


MUR blush palette


  • Hello gorgeous! This highlighter in RoseQuartz definitely has a gorgeous pink tone to it. Jouer is a great brand, and this highlighter is absolutely stunning!


Jouer Highlighter


*Note: None of the images used are my own. Each is from an outside site as provided in the links.