Remus’ First Valentine’s Day

If you missed my Life Update post, I talked about changes to the blog. I lost most of my content. You can check out the post here to find out more details. That content included a Valentine’s Day shoot with Remus, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

I wanted to share those sweet baby pictures of Remus again, for those who missed it the first time or wanted to see them again. Sorry not sorry for bragging on my little boy. There are also some photo shoots coming up soon – At Halloween and Christmas I will be filling up my blog with puppy holiday pics. Be ready, and you have been warned. I can’t wait.

Here is baby Remus on his first Valentine’s Day (this was a month after I brought him home. He was SO LITTLE! AND FLUFFY!):

He wrote a poem for his Valentines:
Roses are gray, Violets are gray, Everything’s gray, Because I’m a dog.
We also went to Petsmart to get his little paw print stamped. It turned out so well! I love that this is his first print!